Financial Accounting Services

Bruce Power’s Accounts Payable department is located in the B10 Administration Building on Bruce Power’s site in Tiverton, Ontario. Financial Accounting Services manage supplier invoice entry, credit card transactions, expense reports and supplier inquiries.

The group processes large numbers of transactions on a daily basis. Any invoice discrepancies can delay payment, and suppliers can help avoid such delays by ensuring the invoices submitted are accurate and contain all required information.

Supplier Invoices

Invoices to Bruce Power can be submitted electronically to Accounting Services.?Invoices that are not able to be electronically submitted are to be mailed to:

Bruce Power
Accounts Payable
177 Tie Road, RR2
P.O. Box 6000, Building B10, 4th Floor
Tiverton, Ontario
N0G 2T0

Invoices that are submitted electronically should not be mailed to avoid duplication.

Contract Service Invoice Instructions

Invoices for services are to be submitted to the Contract Manager for review and approval. Once approved, the invoice will be transferred internally to Accounts Payable for payment. Contract Payment Authorizations (CPAs) are no longer required.

Material Invoice Instructions

Supplier invoices for materials are to be sent directly to Bruce Power Accounts Payable department.?All Material Invoices must contain:

  • A valid Purchase Order Number
  • Include an Invoice Date and Invoice Number
  • Match the issued Purchase Order
  • Material Received
  • Unit of Measure
  • Price
  • Currency

Supplier Payment Information

Bruce Power recommends all Canadian suppliers be paid via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) or Visa Payables Automation (VPA), and US suppliers be paid via International ACH Transaction (IAT). In the case of EFT and IAT,? payments are made directly into the supplier’s bank account.

This process eliminates mail and deposit times.? A remittance advice is sent to the supplier with details of each payment.

To move to payment by EFT or IAT, select the link below and complete the form.? Follow the directions on the form and submit it along with a void cheque to have your account moved to electronic deposit.

Bruce Power has recently partnered with Scotiabank to launch Visa Payables Automation (VPA), an initiative that will expand our commercial card program and include paying our valued suppliers via credit card. You may be contacted by the Visa Call Centre to determine your willingness to accept payment via credit card.

Download the EFT Request Form
(Note the same form is to be used for IAT as well)

Financial Accounting Services Contact

Accounts Payable
Phone: 519-361-2673 x14627
Phone: 519-361-4627

Manager, Financial Accounting Services
Elizabeth A. Clark, CPA CMA
Phone: 519-361-3209
Fax: 519-361-5528