Bruce Power and the County of Bruce launched the Economic Development and Innovation Initiative in 2016 to support our partners in the nuclear supply chain to open offices and expand operations into Bruce, Grey and Huron counties.

By the end of 2018, nearly 45 Supplier Partners have a local presence, and many will be hiring in anticipation of the first Major Component Replacement Project, which begins in Unit 6 in 2020.

Key Suppliers Career Information

2m Power – 2m Power has an office at 278 Lambton St., Kincardine. Contact the office at 519-488-5393.

Abraflex – Abraflex, a subsidiary of ABS Group of Companies, opened its manufacturing facility in Paisley in 2017. It provides plastic suits to protect Bruce Power employees from radiation. Abraflex is a Certified Aboriginal Business and a member of the Canadian Council of Aboriginal Business.? Explore a career at Abraflex.

Acuren Nuclear – Acuren established its local presence in 2008 at 1246 Wellington St., Port Elgin. It provides engineering, procurement, project management, and fabrication services, as well as full service non-destructive examination. It has 20 employees locally, with plans to hire more. Explore a career at Acuren Nuclear.

AECOM – AECOM’s office, which was established in 2018, is located at 911 Queen St., Kincardine. AECOM is a leading supplier of nuclear engineering, procurement, construction, and maintenance services in Canada and around the world. It will support Bruce Power with its Steam Generator, Fuel Channel, and Feeder Replacement Projects through the Shoreline Power Group and the Steam Generator Replacement Team joint ventures. Explore a career with AECOM.

Aecon – Aecon is Canada’s largest nuclear construction contractor, which established a local presence in 2011. It supports Bruce Power through project management, procurement, shop fabrication, and construction services. It has locations at 281 Goderich St., Port Elgin, and 665 Philip Pl., Kincardine, providing nearly 50 jobs locally. Explore a career with Aecon.

Alberici – Alberici is a diversified construction company recognized for superior quality and customer service. With operations throughout North America and clients around the world, it offers general contracting, construction management and design-build solutions, as well as the ability to self-perform key components of our projects. Its office is located in Kincardine. Explore a career with Alberici.

APTIM Services Canada Corp. – APTIM secured a 12,775 square foot office and shop facility in 2018, at 8 Mitchell St., Teeswater. It aims to hire local talent to provide services connected with Bruce Power’s Outage and Life-Extension Programs, as well as support for capital improvement projects, maintenance, and other work at the Bruce site. Explore a career at APTIM.

BCI Precision Machining – In August 2018, BCI Instruments established its local presence, a 14,200 square-foot, two-story office in Durham. It is a precision machine shop that already staffs five people in light manufacturing, magnetic particle inspection, final assembly, inspection, kitting, packaging, and warehousing. Explore a career with BCI Precision Manufacturing.

Bird – Bird established its Kincardine office in March 2018, at 1802 Hwy. 21 N. Bird is currently in the final stages of completing the new Major Component Replacement Office Complex, while continuing a number of other building projects on the Bruce Power site. It will provide six to 10 jobs over the next two years. Explore a career with Bird.

Black & McDonald – Black & McDonald established its local office in 2017 at 54 Main St., Tiverton. It is a Canadian company that is an integrated, multi-trade prime contractor serving government, institutions, industry, and commerce across Canada, the U.S., and overseas. Projects include multi-million dollar construction projects to extensive facility management and operations contracts, to planned maintenance agreements and emergency services. It currently staff eight people locally, with up to 20 planned and 300 people at Bruce Power’s site peak. Explore a career with Black & McDonald.

Brotech Precision CNC – In 2018, Brotech Precision CNC and Bruce Power entered into a 10-year agreement whereby Brotech will supply shield plug assemblies for the Major Component Replacement (MCR) Project. It will do so from its manufacturing facility in Owen Sound, with plans to hire between 10 and 15 people. Learn more about Brotech’s nuclear division or email your resume and cover letter.

Burns & McDonnell – Burns & McDonnell opened its Tiverton office in 2017. It has designed and supported the integration of Bruce Power’s Project Controls platforms to enhance its capability for managing its Major Component Replacement (MCR) Project, as well as all site Asset Management, sustaining capital and life-extension projects. Explore a career at Burns & McDonnell.

BWXT – BWXT has over 60 years of expertise and experience in the design, manufacturing, commissioning, and service of nuclear power generation equipment. It is now also a global supplier of medical isotopes and radiopharmaceuticals. It has been a supplier of components and plant services on the Bruce site since 1977. It opened its local office in 2017, at 5102 Goderich St., Port Elgin, and established its manufacturing facility at 1875 16th Ave. E., Owen Sound, in 2018. It plans to hire dozens of people between its two offices, including project support, field services training personnel, fitters/welders, inspectors, shop supervisor, planner/scheduler, manufacturing engineer, document control clerk/administrative assistant. Explore a career with BWXT.

Cahill – Evolving from an electrical contractor in the industrial marketplace, Cahill offers a diverse range of solutions to support the power generation industry. Its expertise includes substation, distribution, hydro-electric, thermal generation, co-generation, and renewable energy. Explore a career with Cahill.

CRG Energy Projects Inc. – CRG Energy is a Canadian-owned company that provides a complete range of services to the nuclear industry in Canada. It opened its Kincardine office in 2011, at 330 Durham Market Sq. S., Unit 3. It has experience across a broad spectrum of nuclear skills, including expertise in power plant operations and documentation & governance.  It is recognized for its industry leading training services, including certification training and examinations. Explore a career through CRGenergy.

CTS North America – CTSNA is a professional services company specializing in recruitment, consulting, project management and outsourcing. It delivers engineering and technical solutions and services to Bruce Power, employee two people full time and over 100 local contractors. It established its local office in 2005, and is located on the 2nd floor of the Municipality of Kincardine office building at 1475-5th Concession, Kincardine. Explore a career with CTSNA.

EMC Power Canada Ltd. – EMC is a privately owned, operated and local contractor, which provides engineering, procurement and construction services. It supports Bruce Power with over 120 experienced construction support and trade staff. EMC established its local presence in 2007, and has been located at 2091 Hwy. 21, north of Kincardine. Explore a career with EMC Power Canada Ltd.

EnergySolutions Canada – EnergySolutions Canada established two location locally, at 14265 Bruce Rd. 10, Elmwood, and 457 Sideroad 30, Municipality of Kincardine, near Tiverton. EnergySolutions Canada is an industry leader in the safe recycling, processing, transportation, and disposal of nuclear material. It currently employs 25 people at its Elmwood location. Explore a Career with EnergySolutions Canada.

ES Fox Ltd. – ES Fox is an Ontario-based, Canadian-owned and operated multi-trade company headquartered in Niagara Falls. It has supported Bruce Power since 2003 as a key supplier for construction and fabrication services. ES Fox established its local presence in 2006 and is located at 5568 Hwy. 9, east of Kincardine. It provides 40 non-trades jobs and over 200 trades resources. Explore a career with ES Fox.

Framatome – Framatome Canada supports Bruce Power through its long-term high voltage maintenance program, engineering, construction, and by providing innovative concepts and solutions. Framatome (formerly AREVA) established its local presence in 2008 and is located at 2091 Hwy. 21, north of Kincardine. It currently employs over 60 people locally, and expects that to rise to 80+ by the end of 2019. Explore a career with Framatome.

General Electric – GE provides equipment and services for various Bruce Power strategic equipment. It established a local presence in 2018 at 910 Queen St., Kincardine, and has two full-time people on site. It has six to 12 GE employees local for outage preparations and then 50 for outage execution. Explore a career at GE.

Hatch – Hatch supports Bruce Power with the delivery of infrastructure and asset management projects. It features jobs for engeineers, technicians and administrations. It established its local presence in 2016, and recently upgraded to a larger office at 216 Goderich St., Port Elgin. Explore a career with Hatch.

Ian Martin Group – Ian Martin specializes in engineering, technical, and IT recruitment and contractor management to help organizations of all sizes hire better. It opened its local office in 2004 and is now located at 54 Main St., Tiverton. It has three people in the office and contract staff of over 100 over the next two to three years. Explore a career through Ian Martin Group.

Kinectrics – Kinectrics provides life-cycle management for the electricity industry. It supports Bruce Power with quality engineering, and testing and inspection of system-critical components. In 2017, it invested in two new facilities in the region – one at 4258 County Rd. 4, Teeswater, and the other at 141 Farrell Dr., Tiverton. It will create between 30 and 50 new jobs while investing over $5 million into the local economy. Explore a career at Kinectrics.

Lakeside Controls – Lakeside Controls provides innovative automation solutions with superior customer service. It has numerous locations across the province, and in Manitoba and Nunavut. Explore a career with Lakeside Controls.

Modus Strategic – Modus Strategic assists Bruce Power with planning and executing large capital projects. It established a local presence in downtown Tiverton in 2017. Email Modus Strategic for more information on careers or visit its website.

NA Engineering Association Inc. – NA Engineering is a multi-disciplinary engineering firm, which provides engineering and consulting support for over 150 projects on the Bruce Power site. It opened its Kincardine office in 2007, and has seven full-time employees there, as well as 70 Ontario-based staff. Explore a career with NA Engineering.

Nuclear Promise X – Nuclear Promise X is a group of nuclear innovators and engineers, which actively incorporates innovative technology and ideas into Bruce Power’s operational model. It has 10 innovation catalysts at its Kincardine office at 819 Queen St., which it opened in 2018. It expects to add 10 more jobs in 2019. Explore a career with Nuclear Promise X.

Nuvia – Nuvia is an international nuclear services, engineering, and project management firm, which provides radiation protection services to Bruce Power. It has invested in a 5,500 sq. ft. local training facility, and established its local presence in Nuvia Plaza, at 55 Main St., Tiverton in 2018. It is recruiting 10 office positions in 2019, and expects to hire over 150 tradespeople during Major Component Replacement. Explore a career with Nuvia.

Organization of Canadian Nuclear Industries – The OCNI is an association of more than 230 companies that supply equipment and services, directly and indirectly, to Bruce Power, OPG and offshore utilities and nuclear laboratories. It opened its local office in 2018 at 625 Goderich St., Port Elgin, and shares the space with Bruce Power’s Indigenous Relations Suppliers Network, as well as housing the temporary location for the Nuclear Innovation Institute (open early-2019). The OCNI has two local employees. Learn more on the OCNI’s website.

Promation Nuclear – Promation is a project partner to Bruce Power, providing project and program management experience to support the Major Component Replacement Project at Bruce Power. It established its local presence in 2017 when it opened its office at 559 Goderich St., Port Elgin. Explore a career with Promation.

PTAG – PTAG is a capital project services partner, supplying advisory services, people and software systems for major capital projects. It established in local presence in 2018, when it opened its office at 146 Albert St. S., Southampton. It currently has 10 employees locally, with plans to hire about 10 administrative and software development staff in 2019. Explore a career at PTAG.

Rankin Construction Inc. – Rankin Construction is a heavy civil contractor that works as both a prime and subcontractor in the civil and architectural sectors at Bruce Power. It established its local presence in 2004 at 3245 Bruce County Rd. 20, Tiverton, and provides nearly 30 jobs to contractors. Explore a career at Rankin Construction.

RCM Technologies – RCMT is a premier provider of business and technology solutions, providing engineering design, project management, and technical support services. It established its local presence in 2002, and is located at 1475 Conc. 5, Kincardine. It currently employs 30 staff at the Bruce site and local office, with aims to increase its local staff to over 30 in the next two years. Explore a career with RCM Technologies.

Rolls-Royce – Rolls-Royce uses the latest technology to assist Bruce Power with its T-104 Program, obsolescence management, parts readiness, and design-build activities. It established its local presence in 2017 at 5108 Hwy. 21, Port Elgin, and employs 11 people, with plans to hire three more in 2019. Explore a career at Rolls-Royce.

Sargent & Lundy Canada Company – Sargent & Lundy provides engineering, project management, and consulting support to Bruce Power. It provides local jobs to engineers, project managers, and project coordinators from its three Kincardine offices. The main office is located at 801 Queen St., Kincardine. Explore a career at Sargent & Lundy.

Shoreline Power Group – The Shoreline Power Group is a joint venture between Aecon, AECOM and SNC-Lavalin. It will perform the fuel channel and feeder replacement projects for Bruce Power’s Unit 6 Major Component Replacement Project. It has leased 20,000 sq. ft. of commercial space at 665 Philip Place, Kincardine, in late-2018. It will provide over 120 jobs locally. Visit the Aecon, AECOM and SNC-Lavalin websites for more information.

Sierra Systems – Sierra Systems provides IT services and management consulting to Bruce Power. It opened its local office in Underwood, just minutes from the Bruce Power site. The office will provide work space for 25 people. Explore a career with Sierra Systems.

SNC-Lavalin – SNC-Lavalin provides nuclear technology and full-service solutions for nuclear power projects around the world. It collaborates with Bruce Power on engineering services, field services, and MCR Life-Extension tooling and design support. It established its local office in 2017, at 5102 Hwy. 21, Unit 4, Port Elgin, and expects to provide about 30 jobs locally by the end of 2018. Explore a career at SNC-Lavalin.

Stantec – Stantec is an international team of 18,000+ designers, engineers, scientists, and project managers. It opened its local office in 2018, at 926 Queen St., Kincardine. It employs five people locally. Explore a career at Stantec.

Tetra Tech – Tetra Tech provides innovative solutions focused on water, environment, infrastructure, resource management, energy, and international development. It opened its local office in 2018 at 233 Broadway St., Kincardine, and employs three people with plans to hire about 20 more. Explore a career with Tetra Tech.

Tundra – Tundra is a global provider of staffing solutions and services. It has provided Bruce Power with talent acquisition and payrolling services since 2009. It opened its local office in 2016 at 278 Lambton St., Kincardine. Explore a career with Tundra.

Worley Parsons – Worley Parsons supports Bruce Power’s operations and maintenance training requirements and is the engineering integration services provider for the electro-hydraulic control and turbine supervisory instrumentation replacement project. It established its local office in 2018 at 810 Queen St., Kincardine, and has 20 full-time positions locally. Explore a career with Worley Parsons.